• Runyu Wang

NYC outraged protesters started to loot

Outraged protesters came to the street, but commit to violence soon and started to loot the stores because of the death of Geroge Floyd.

On May 25th, Geroge Floyd was killed by the policeman in Minneapolis because the policeman Derek Michael Chauvin put too much pressure on his neck when they were going to arrest him into the police because someone reported that Floyd had used a fake bill.

This killing opens the wood of racism. The protesters came into the street with the slogans of "Black lives matter." and "I can't breathe!"

However, the protests have become violent and took place during the day and night in all five boroughs the protesters burned police cars and disrupted traffic, especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Protesters even throw rocks, eggs, at bottles at the cops, and the cops got hurt, some of them lose their teeth, or got a bloody nose. According to a cop, it is very hard for them to figure out that the protest is civil disobedience because many protesters have prepared with loaded firearms, bricks, Molotov cocktails.

According to the mayor, "Some protesters came with an agenda of violence and incitement, they meant to harm police officers, and they harmed police officers. That is all purely unacceptable." By the end of May 30th, the policemen had arrested 1,400 in 17 cities,

Geroge Floyd was not the first person killed by the police. When will they accept the key point, black does not mean to crime? However, violence is not the best way to solve problems.

The protests also descended into chaos, especially when the nightfall and some of them even looted several high-end Manhattan stores. For example, some protesters looted the Chanel in Soho and Coach in Midtown, and the unruly protesters also busted into the Chanel at Spring and Wooster streets after 11 p.m. Many Walgreens, CVS, GameStop and a bike store, and Best Buy were also looted.

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