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The outside dining and inside dining NYC according to de Blasio

After a three-month coronavirus shutdown, under New York City's Phase Two reopening, the outdoor dining can open.

"The reopening of our restaurants is such an important part of this day. This is so much the identity of New York City... we need them." According to de Blasio. He also promised that they would provide a massive expansion of curbside seating, a big expansion of open space.

There are also requests for outdoor dinings, such as not blocking bus stops or fire hydrants and seats away from intersections. And eateries must provide their own vertical barricades, planters, tables, and chairs.

If diners are seated at least 6 feet away, airflow will be increased, and outdoor dining is relatively low-risk.

However, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he did not want to restart indoor dining because only middle- and upper-income New Yorkers, which clashed with his pledge to transform the Big Apple s tale of two cities with progressive policies.

Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed that the public school students return to classrooms this fall to have lunch inside, but he did not agree to reopen the indoor dining. Because de Blasio said, they should carry on the legal imperative, moral imperative and educational imperative to give kids the best education as they can.

Also, Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested that indoor dining is only for people with thick billfolds. They do not want to ignore the thousands of cheap diners, fast-food eateries, and pizza joints across the five boroughs catering to cost-conscious New Yorkers. He also said, indoor dinging is a very optional activity, because some people do a lot who have the resources, and others can't do at all because they don't have the resources.

By the end of August 25th, six more NYC streets which would close to car traffic to make way for outdoor eateries.

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