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FORBES Feature Story

Full length coverage       

  • Mention of CEO or Executive

  • Quotation as industry leader

  • Brand name mention 

  • Possible link to company website 

  • Full article and feature story includes CEO or executive name, quotation, brand name with company intro, and positive report 

    (From payment received to published website link 15-40 days)


①CEO name mention once

②CEO quotation once

③Brand name mentioned once

④Mention of CEO or executive, CEO quotation, brand name and possible link to company website, may mention other companies as well


Event Planning (Art Exhibition/ Concert/ Event)          

Newspaper event promotion (Half Page/Full Page)     

Awarding Presenting/Topic Design      

PR Story Spread to 100 media online (Including Yahoo Fiance)  

Press Conference Organizing (Write Press Release, Invite up to 10 media, coverage guarantee )  

NY Post feature story (Half Page/Full Page)       

Basic Artist Promotional Package:  

New York Post (Queens/Brooklyn) Half page

PR Story Spread (Up to 100 English media Guaranteed)

Press Conference: 2-5 Chinese/English media coverage (Guaranteed)

Intro Lever Artist Promo Package: 

New York Post (Queens/Brooklyn) Half Page

1-3 Chinese/English media coverage (Guaranteed)


Full page on NY Daily News (Photographs included)  

Half page on NY Daily News  

Full page on NY  Daily News & Permanent website link (Photographs included)

Full page on NY Post (Sunday Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx Weekly, Photographs included)   

Half page on NY Post (Sunday Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx Weekly)     

Full page on NY Post (Sunday Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx Weekly)  Email Blast    

RETAINER      Minimum contract 6 months

Website update & maintain

Social media updates (Facebook, Instagram & )

Yelp organization (For Business)

Google Business updates 

* Pitch related media each month for coverage (Create contents & Photographs)

 Marketing Consulting (Branding/charity/promotion)



DIGITAL COMMERCIAL (Minimum 3 months)

Email Marketing                


  • Approx. 50,000 Email Blast will be sent to Targeted Audience (Various Zip codes, Counties, Individuals / Groups /Members, Gender & Many More Options)

  • Includes Reporting + Lead Gen Reported

  • 90% Consumers think that Business Newsletters (which they get via E-Mail) are very Helpful]

  • Approx. 20-25% Consumers see the Enhanced Outcome


Facebook Display Ad       

  • Color Display ADs / 3*Color Slide ADs / VIDEO AD(1-GB)

  • Campaign Run – 1 (or) 2(or) 3 Month

  • Reporting + Lead Generation included

  • Targeted Audience [ Various Zip Codes, Counties, Individuals / Groups / Members, Age, Gender & Many more Options….]


Key words Targeting         

  • ADs will be served to Customers who searched Relevant Keywords [ Example – schools, +restaurant, +health Center, +education strategy, +furniture, +gift + retail + store & Many more….] within Targeted Audience

  • Campaign Run - 1 / 2 / 3 Month

  • ADs Advertise in Popular Websites {Example – Yelp, Yellow book, TripAdvisor, eBay & many more Online Sites….} in Various Devices [ Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, PC etc.]

  • Reporting + Lead Generation Included


Full page on Daily News in Print

100 copies of Newspaper are included on your wedding day for your guests.

One Framed newspaper will be provided

sample wedding annoucement 2 pdf.png
sample wedding accouncement pdf.png
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