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FORBES 福布斯专访

Full length coverage       $29999

  • Mention of CEO or Executive

  • Quotation as industry leader

  • Brand name mention 

  • Possible link to company website 

  • Full article and feature story includes CEO or executive name, quotation, brand name with company intro, and positive report 

    (From payment received to published website link 15-40 days)






④超链接回到品牌官网或者博客(链接有可能被删除)Mention of CEO or executive, CEO quotation, brand name and possible link to company website, may mention other companies as well


ARTIST  RATE    $10000-$30000

Event Planning (Art Exhibition/ Concert/ Event)          $2000-$5000

Daily News event promotion (Half Page/Full Page)     $5000-$10000

Awarding Presenting/Topic Design      $2000-$5000

PR Story Spread to 100 media on line (Including Yahoo)   $3000

Press Conference Organizing (Write Press Release, Invite up to 10 media, coverage guarantee )   $3000-$8000

NY Post feature story (Half Page/Full Page)       $6000-$12000

Basic Artist Promotional Package:  $10000

New York Post (Queens/Brooklyn) Half page

PR Story Spread (Up to 100 English media Guaranteed)

Press Conference: 2-5 Chinese/English media coverage (Guaranteed)

Intro Lever Artist Promo Package: $7000

New York Post (Queens/Brooklyn) Half Page

1-3 Chinese/English media coverage (Guaranteed)


Full page on NY Daily News (Photographs included)  $10000

Half page on NY Daily News  $5000

Full page on NY  Daily News & Permanent website link (Photographs included) $20000


Full page on NY Post (Sunday Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx Weekly, Photographs included)     $12000

Half page on NY Post (Sunday Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx Weekly)     $6000

Full page on NY Post (Sunday Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx Weekly)  Email Blast    $1000

RETAINER  $2999 per month      (Our competitor $6000)  Minimum contract 6 months

Website update & maintain

Social media updates (Facebook, Instagram & )

Yelp organization (For Business)

Google Business updates 

* Pitch related media each month for coverage (Create contents & Photographs)

 Marketing Consulting (Branding/charity/promotion)



DIGITAL COMMERCIAL (Minimum 3 months)

Email Marketing                $2000 per month


  • Approx. 50,000 Email Blast will be sent to Targeted Audience (Various Zip codes, Counties, Individuals / Groups /Members, Gender & Many More Options)

  • Includes Reporting + Lead Gen Reported

  • 90% Consumers think that Business Newsletters (which they get via E-Mail) are very Helpful]

  • Approx. 20-25% Consumers see the Enhanced Outcome


Facebook Display Ad        $2000 per month

  • Color Display ADs / 3*Color Slide ADs / VIDEO AD(1-GB)

  • Campaign Run – 1 (or) 2(or) 3 Month

  • Reporting + Lead Generation included

  • Targeted Audience [ Various Zip Codes, Counties, Individuals / Groups / Members, Age, Gender & Many more Options….]


Key words Targeting         $2000  per month

  • ADs will be served to Customers who searched Relevant Keywords [ Example – schools, +restaurant, +health Center, +education strategy, +furniture, +gift + retail + store & Many more….] within Targeted Audience

  • Campaign Run - 1 / 2 / 3 Month

  • ADs Advertise in Popular Websites {Example – Yelp, Yellow book, TripAdvisor, eBay & many more Online Sites….} in Various Devices [ Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, PC etc.]

  • Reporting + Lead Generation Included


Full page on Daily News in Print

100 copies of Newspaper are included on your wedding day for your guests.

One Framed newspaper will be provided