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An Evening of Music and Cultural Harmony: The Golden Night Concert Celebrates China-US Bond

By Wenyun Felicia Guo September 7th, 2019

Huo Zun

David Geffen Hall at New York City’s iconic Lincoln Center hosted the Golden Night Concert on Sep 6, 2019 featuring well-known artists from China and the United States. The Beijing Association of New York and the Chinese Business Association of New York organized this unique cross-cultural musical experience celebrating Sino-American cultural exchange.

Forty Years of Friendship Between China and the United States

The Golden Night Concert celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China. The pre-concert reception featured prominent political leaders including Congresswoman Grace Meng, Senator David Carlucci, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and former chairman of the New York Republican State Committee Edward F. Cox. A host of famous artists came together for the concert including Chinese American pianist Yin Cheng-Zong, outstanding violin master Cho-Liang Lin, contemporary singer Zheng Xu Lan, beloved Peking Opera actor and "Mei Lanfang Gold Award" winner Li Jun, Jinghu and Erhu performers Ji Jie and Zhang Baoli and Huo Zun (Henry), the top Chinese pop singer. They were joined by The Asian Cultural Symphony led by Conductor Fang Fei and respected artists from the New York arts community.

Huo Zun Carries On Chinese Traditional Style With Grace

One of the iconic young artists from China was Henry Huo Zun who enchanted the audience with his breathtaking voice and his remarkable vocal range. Zun became an overnight sensation in 2014, winning the first season of Sing my Song, a prominent talent show for singer-songwriters. His original composition 'Rolled-up Pearl Curtain' was awarded Song of the Year and broadcast worldwide at the CCTV Chinese New Year’s Eve Gala. At the Golden Night concert Huo Zun performed a variety of pieces showcasing the beauty of both traditional Chinese as well as modern styles of music creating a truly unique musical journey.

Before the concert Huo Zun described the boundless nature of music and its ability to create a bond among people from all cultures and ages through common emotions. The song “One Night in Beijing” which combines elements of Chinese Opera and western pop music was one example of the cross-cultural nature of the performance. Huo Zun’s beautiful voice brought this song to life delighting the audience at David Geffen Hall.

A Beautiful Bridge Between Cultures

The talented ensemble of performers received warm applause and admiration from the audience and created a bridge between cultures building a special fanbase in the United States. The Golden Night Concert was a truly memorable and enchanting evening that helped foster the spirit of cultural exchange through the beauty of music.

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