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Oriental International Group creates Top 100 Fashion brand

By Wenyun Felicia Guo

Multinational Group OIH to Bring Top American Fashion Designers to the Chinese Market

Orient International Holding (OIH) hosted a VIP cocktail reception at New York’s Manhattan View for fashion industry professionals, designers and media on Sep 10, 2019 during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). OIH Chairman Mr. Jisheng Tong introduced the group’s TOP100 Global Designers Alliance Program (TOP100) which aims to bring the best American fashion designers to China.

A Focus on Top Talent and Avant-Garde Designs That Bring Together Eastern and Western Influences

OIH’s TOP100 program will provide a valuable opportunity and a strong platform for select American designers to enter the lucrative Chinese fashion market. The program’s focus will be on top high-profile established designers as well as emerging talent. The TOP100 Global Designers Alliance will integrate resources across the fashion value chain ranging from design, production, and sales and leverage innovative omnichannel marketing techniques to create a platform that features unique global designs and trendy fashion at an affordable price. OIH Chairman Mr. Jisheng Tong aims to bring greater diversity to Shanghai Fashion Week by selecting the best designers from the United States and showcasing avant-garde designs from American designers. At the reception OIH showcased the “Yi” collection by designer Taoray Wang which combines artisanal techniques from China’s Yunnan Province with contemporary designs. OIH is also bringing two of its flagship brands THREEGUN and LILY to the NYFW runway creating a unique cross-cultural experience on the New York fashion stage.

OIH Chairman Mr. Jisheng Tong’s Presents a Strong Vision for the Fashion Market

Mr. Jisheng Tong has led OIH from a local state-owned enterprise to a high performing multinational corporation with record breaking growth in multiple sectors. OIH is the organizer of Shanghai Fashion Week along with MODE Shanghai Trade Fair and has established strategic partnerships with three major fashion weeks: Paris, Milan and London. Shanghai Fashion Week now ranks among the five major fashion weeks globally. Mr. Tong’s background is in the construction sector and he sees many parallels between architecture and fashion as well the value of combining Eastern and Western influences in design. Mr. Tong has continued to drive OIH’s success in the fashion and apparel sector and popular OIH brands THREEGUN and LILY are growing rapidly. China’s leading undergarment brand THREEGUN and womenswear brand LILY sell in over 60 countries and are expanding their international presence. Under Mr. Tong’s guidance OIH has achieved remarkable and record breaking growth with over $16 billion in revenue and $342 million in profits in 2018.

OIH: A History of Excellence

OIH has a long history of over 70 years of market growth and success and has a total of $10 billion in assets with 87,000 employees. The multinational group’s core businesses include fashion, health, supply chain services, science and technology, manufacturing, industrial real estate and financial investment.

OIH continues its tradition of excellence in the fashion industry and has partnered with 10 e-commerce platforms including JD, Secoo and Little Red Book and owns over a thousand retail stores in China providing a strong foundation for continued growth.

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