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Influencer Era - Fashion Celebrity Global Summit - Meet the Nominees for the EDGE Fashion Bloggers

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

By Felicia W. Guo

(Fromleft to right: Lyn Slater, Marie Genevieve Cyr , Alicia Yu, Yi Li, Vermouth Liu)

The very first Fashion Blogger Summit launched successfully at the Intrepid Museum of New York on the night of September 9th. Co- hosted by EDGE Fashion, NewYork Fashion Week Committee, Zonvon Club, the largest online multi-channel fashion platform MOKO, and Style Fashion Week. The summit had attracted distinguished guests, influencers, media outlets and enthusiasts of fashion from across the states to get boarded on the vessel of fashion weathercock on the Hudson River.

After a month of online primary competition and voting, the following five talented Chinese American fashion influencers/bloggers came out among students from over 100 colleges across 50 states of the United States. The five distinctive laureates go to:

Street Style Teller: Jinghan Huang

Fashion Nerd Award: Winnie Zhong

Beauty Blogger: Bella Dong

Best Lifestyle: Jenny Zheng

Fashion Milestone: Xiaoxiao Yu

(From left to right: Jenny Zheng, Xiaoxiao Yu, Jinghan Huang, Bella Dong, Winnie Zhong)

One of the most eye-catchy highlight of the event was the red-carpet ceremony: from Taiwanese singer and actor Danson Tang, to Mainland China singer Dage Zhao; from Chinese famous model Jessica Yu, to the versatile entertainment talent Wen Ya; from emerging fashion blogger David Wu, to Xi Qing, the COO of MOKO, and to Alicia Yu, the CEO of Luxe. Co., numerous glamorous leaders from across industries of fashion, finance, realty estate, IT, media and e-commerce attended the red carpet ceremony and the summit.

Additionally, the presence of several star-level fashion celebrities provided a crowning touch to the evening entertainment. They are: Vermouth Liu, a senior fashion PR in New York City and a fashion celebrity; Lyn Slater, the founder of Accidental Icon blog and a fashion pioneer in New York; Marie Genevieve Cyr, assistant professor in the BFA Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design; and Ed Bennett, the founder of Bennett Media Studio. Together they constituted the judging committee of the Fashion Blogger Summit.

(Left: Taiwanese singer and actor Danson Tang)

The Fashion Celebrity Global Summit was first initiated in Qingdao, China, on August 26, gathering the most eminent fore runners in fashion, commercial institutions, and hundreds of fashion bloggers and influencers under the era of Mobile Internet to celebrate a grant show of a serial cutting edge discussions on fashion and Internet. Lei Zhang, a famous show host from the most widely covered TV broadcaster CCTV, kicked off the summit, followed by courses of panel discussions on fashion, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and on the elevation of consumption structure. Yi, Li, the CEO of Zonvon mentioned, Fashion industry has been reshaped by digital and intelligent inputs, and becomes more personalized and fast. The change has presented a lot of challenges to the traditional fashion industry, and meanwhile it has also shown a lot of opportunities to the real innovators. The Fashion Blogger Summit in New York, in the following month, marked a triumph close up for this year’s concatenation of events.

Meanwhile. photographer Siyu Tang from Noistudio has been invited to hold an exhibition ,TIMELESS, which composed of a series of black and white portraits of candidates bloggers. With the unique charm of black and white photos, not only showed the respect of classic elements in fashion for past decades, but also conveyed the unique understanding of fashion of the young generation.

(Wen Ya, fanmou Chinese Celebrity in TIMELESS)

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